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Oozie : Trigger coordinator on data availability

Here is a sample to trigger coordinator on data availability.. Coordinator.xml <coordinator-app name=”oozie-coord-pig-datatrigger” frequency=”3″ start=”2015-06-09T14:25Z” end=”2015-07-05T12:59Z” timezone=”Canada/Eastern” xmlns=”uri:oozie:coordinator:0.1″> <datasets> <dataset name=”input1″ frequency=”05″ initial-instance=”2015-06-09T13:30Z” timezone=”Canada/Eastern”> <!– Below path can be created on HDFS like ${appPath}/feed/2014/03/11/20 –> <uri-template>/user/oozie/trigger</uri-template> </dataset> </datasets> <input-events> <data-in … Continue reading

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Oozie : Pig Action – Pig Jobs using oozie

Hi All, In my upcoming posts, lets discuss about oozie and how to implement various actions using it… What are OOzie and Pig??   Apache Oozie is a system for running workflows of dependent jobs. It is composed of two main parts: a workflow … Continue reading

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