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Hive JDBC Spring Boot Restful Webservice in Pivotal Cloud Foundry

Introduction In this post, lets build a Hive JDBC program, expose it as a restful webservice using Spring Boot and  host it in Pivotal Cloud Foundry Under src/main/resources db.url=jdbc:hive2://<server>:10000/<db>;principal=hive/<principal>@<domain>;sess_var_list?<queuename> db.driver=org.apache.hive.jdbc.HiveDriver Include the following files too hive-jaas.conf { … Continue reading

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Hadoop File Formats

Text – RCFiles – Parquet – ORC Compression Based on a study conducted, Text – RCFiles – Parquet – ORC : Original – 14%  Smaller – 62% Smaller – 78% Smaller   Considerations for ORC over Parquet are: 1. ORC … Continue reading

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Tips: Sqoop-Hive

  Import data from a database (eg:- SQL Server) into Hive and create an ORC table out of that sqoop import \ –connect ‘jdbc:sqlserver://<host>:<port>;username=<user>;password=<pwd>;database=<dbname>’ \ –hive-import –hive-table <db.tablename> \ –table <sqlservertable> –split-by <splitcolumn> –as-textfile CREATE TABLE <db.tablename_orc> LIKE <db.tablename> … Continue reading

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Restrict write permissions on hive external directories

It is possible to restrict the write permissions on hive external directories. This would in turn boost the security of data in Hive We would just need to add Read + Execute permissions to the directory. It is also possible to … Continue reading

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Developer’s template: Hive using JDBC

Developer’s template series is intended to ease the life of  Bigdata developers with their application development and leave behind the headache of starting from the scratch. Here is a java program with its pom file which lets you to connect to Hive and … Continue reading

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