Apache Storm

Architecture / Components

  • Nimbus and Supervisor daemons are designed to be
    • fail-fast (process self-destructs whenever any unexpected situation is encountered)
    • stateless (all state is kept in Zookeeper or on disk)
  • Nimbus and Supervisor daemons must be run under supervision using a tool like daemontools or monit.
  • So if the Nimbus or Supervisor daemons die, they restart like nothing happened.


Graph of computation where the

nodes represent some individual computations and

edges data being passed between nodes


Ordered list of values

Storm provides mechanisms for assigning names to the values.


Unbounded sequence of Tuples.


Source of stream in  a topology


Accepts tuple from input stream

performs computation / transformation

Emits a new tuple to its output stream

**Each spout and bolt will have one or many individual instances that perform all of this processing in parallel

Stream Grouping 

tells Storm how to send individual tuples between instances of the spout and bolts

Shuffle Grouping: tuples are emitted to instances of bolts at random



About shalishvj : My Experience with BigData

6+ years of experience using Bigdata technologies in Architect, Developer and Administrator roles for various clients. • Experience using Hortonworks, Cloudera, AWS distributions. • Cloudera Certified Developer for Hadoop. • Cloudera Certified Administrator for Hadoop. • Spark Certification from Big Data Spark Foundations. • SCJP, OCWCD. • Experience in setting up Hadoop clusters in PROD, DR, UAT , DEV environments.
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