Oozie : Coordinator Jobs : Quickly schedule a job

Hi Guys,

I am back..
Lets schedule the pig action developed in my previous post quickly…We would use oozie coordinator engine for the same.

In your Unix machine, make a folder and create a property file – coordinator.properties


Now create the coordinator.xml file

<coordinator-app name=”oozie-coord” frequency=”10″ start=”2015-05-29T11:25Z” end=”2015-05-30T12:59Z” timezone=”Canada/Eastern” xmlns=”uri:oozie:coordinator:0.1″>
<app-path><HDFS PATH where workflow.xml is kept></app-path>

and move it to a location in HDFS.

hdfs dfs -put coordinator.xml <hdfs-path>/coordinator.xml

Setting frequency 10, the job starts at start time specified and runs the job every 10 minutes till the end time is reached.

Lets run the scheduler from your local unix path where you created your coordinator.properties file.

oozie job -oozie http://OOZIEHOST:11000/oozie -config <unix localpath>/coordinator.properties -run


Enabling debugging would be helpful

export OOZIE_DEBUG=1

In your web browser, go to http://OOZIEHOST:11000/oozie 

under coordinator jobs tab to view the details about the job.


Stay tuned .. 🙂


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